Hello world.

I disappeared for quite a while from this blog, because I rendered my thoughts unimportant and not worth telling to the empty universe. However, I then discovered the blog again, and thought back to how fulfilled I used to feel when I wrote with no boundaries, no judgements, and no expectations.

I dug up all my old posts, and realised that they represented a stage of my life that’s been and gone, a moment that’s no longer relevant.

So I deleted every post that suggested past experiences, because if I want to recall them, they are in my memory, and that’s where they’ll stay.

From now on, I have a new start, a new lease of life, a new future to embrace and write about fervently. I hope to become more philosophical and ponderous with my new entries, thinking “outside the box”, as I am told so often that I need to do more of.

At the moment, only one thing is on my mind, about my world: Can I do any better? Can I succeed? Can I take that final leap and achieve everything my life has been leading up to?

And that’s it for now.