I hate viruses. The human kind, I mean. Coughs and sneezes and earaches and wheezes.
They’re positively tedious. Although I do like the attention and possible looking-after I might receive, they hurt and are annoying – but I do like to complain and soup is always welcome.
The way I see illnesses, the ones that aren’t life-threatening in any way, is that I don’t want to treat them with antibiotics because that’s the cowards’ way out, and if I get the virus again, I won’t be able to fight it off again without the help of antibiotics a second time. The slow, progressive worsening of my immune system. To be honest, I’d rather have pholcodene linctus and honey.

But when I’m ill, especially around such a crucial time as this (exam season), it makes me sad. I’m not motviated to do anything other than sit at the computer or read. I know this time is really important for revision and all that, but I couldn’t possibly concentrate on anything substantial.

I think I’ll just collapse somewhere.