I saw ‘The Dark Knight’ this evening, and I have to say it was amazing. I love the Batman movies, they’re so full of power and thrall. The late Heath Ledger, bless his beautiful-man soul, was positively spine-tingling as the Joker. He was convincing, dashing and eerie all at once. This’ll be a DVD I buy.

Whilst I was looking for a ‘The Dark Knight’ wallpaper for my desktop on Google, I found this photo.

It made my heart go out to his poor daughter, who will never remember her fantastic father…

Destiny is cruel. It makes me proclaim that life isn’t fair, that those who do so much good and so little wrong in the world are killed off like ants. When we step on ants without even realising they’re there, they do not see a huge foot coming towards them, they see nothing because we are too big for them to even perceive. That’s how I feel that we are – blind to the people-squashing foot of God. Maybe God really is a child with a magnifying glass, as ‘they’ say.

I don’t want to die, and I don’t want to grow old. Humanity is the most cruel form of existence. We are aware of our ultimate demise and can do nothing to prevent it. Let’s all become ignorant, I say. Let’s all have been ignorant from the first moment of time. Let’s hope the history of the world becomes rewritten over our past. We would never know the difference.