Okay so today was fine…slept through a lecture because I could not physically get out of bed; went to a seminar in the afternoon after having completely finished the text we’d be talking about (yay me); had the twice-weekly Buffy showing in my room with some new people this week; did a small bit of Salsa practise; and then turned up at the closest bar to me on campus, Origins, for their ‘highlight’ night, Ruby Tuesdays.

So I’ve decided that, after feeling entirely miserable at Origins, I would have a lovely rant before retiring to bed to read.

Ruby Tuesday is basically an ‘Indie’ night and there’s a dancefloor, but it’s not the type of music you can have a nice dance to…it’s more of a ‘nod your head and tap your foot’ sort of music. So anyway, a fair number of people I know were there, hanging around the pool tables with drink in hand. After two drinks and no-one really talking to me, I decided that I felt sick (because I hadn’t eaten) and bored, and proceeded to look probably really sour for the rest of the two hours I stayed. People kept telling me to drink more and cheer up and smile, and it just made me more annoyed. I just couldn’t understand what there was to do, as I don’t like shouting at people over loud music in an attempt to make conversation. So yeah, I just left.

I don’t think I feel any better after writing that, but it just left me feeling really annoyed that I’d stood around for two hours and wasted a fiver.

Uni, eh? Or maybe that’s just life.