I’d be very interested to know who reads my blog on a regular basis. Every day or two, my blog stats say that someone is clicking on a link in their Hotmail Inbox to get to my blog…how interesting. Are you that person?

I’ve been spending far too much time indoors recently. I’m all bored and lonely, so I want to get out tonight. Although I have had a lot of fun watching the bunnies outside my window chasing each other and eating flower buds! How many people can say they have the ability to watch bunnies run around and munch grass outside their window?

Also, I went to the library to get some books for my essay I’m going to be working on until next Friday. I always enjoy the library, it smells really nice, and I like the challenge of finding the books by working out their codes and locations and things! That’s just me being a geek.

Tonight is election results night at The Venue…so I’ll probably go because I can get free entry and stuff. I don’t really want to spend money, but I do have a fiver, and I haven’t had money for weeks. I’ll treat myself.

This post today hasn’t had any particular point. Thanks for reading anyway. It’s nice to know I’m reaching people I don’t know exist. Are you that person?