Well it’s my second week out of four, and I’m feeling less bored. My love has gone back to University already, but I’m enjoying spending some time on my own, reading (I’ve started reading New Moon by Stephenie Meyer), doing silly Take A Break puzzles for prizes, eating those Easter eggs I forgot to eat last weekend, and planning a holiday with my mother to Florence in June.

Florence should be lovely! From what I’ve seen on the internet and in the film Room With A View (as well as reading the novel by the same name by E. M. Forster), it definitely sounds like my type of holiday. There are only a handful of times that it’s possible to go on a beach holiday and still be enthralled with it. Some people seem to be able to do it every year, but I got bored of that.

When I was younger, I didn’t pay any attention to historical places I was taken, or even looked at the scenery much. Now I’m older, I’ve been able to appreciate places like Prague, Krakow, Berlin, Amsterdam – and next will be Florence. Expect photos!

We’ll be flying to Pisa and then having a one-hour train journey to Florence where we will stay for a week. Hopefully the hotel will be close to the Santa Maria Novella Station. There are so many basilicas to see, as well as the river Arno and the typical European streets. Also, we want to go to Lucca for a day trip, and perhaps Siena.

I know we can’t really afford it, but we’re going for my mum’s 40th Birthday, and you know…we could be dead at any time. At least I’ll be able to provide my own spending money, and perhaps pay some of the holiday’s cost back to her.

I am terribly excited. Here’s a photo of Florence.