June 2009

I AM back from my holiday to Florence, and have been since Wednesday 24th… I haven’t written a blog post about it because I can’t find the inspiration as yet.

I’ll write about it soon…bear with me. Also, you’ll be able to see a few photos.

So yeah, I’m alive, and wanting to write, but can’t seem to want to right now.

Hang on!


The title of this blog should probably be “a much-needed adventure”, but never mind.

Tomorrow I leave at 11am to go to Florence, Italy. I’ll be gone for a week, and hopefully I’ll have a fantastic time.

I shall come back with mini-stories and an array of photographs.

Wish me Bon Voyage xx

vampireleniore goes by the alias, Bad Charlotte. She’s currently 20 and living in California.

Her modelling portfolio on deviantART is somewhat smaller than some models’, as I believe she has just had a clearout, leaving the photos she wants to be represented by. See her gallery here.

Similar to the model, miss-mosh, who I featured a little while back, Bad Charlotte’s modelling is perhaps that bit more sophisticated, more gothic.

Enjoy 🙂

Sorry to have missed these last two days of my pesco-vegetarian week – I got rather busy this weekend.

Basically, I haven’t eaten any meat, so I’ve stuck to my mission.

Fish has been a helpful substitute, but I wasn’t too sure about the vegetarian sausages. I still have 4 more to eat though, so I guess I shall find out whether I like them any more the next time.

I haven’t actually missed meat, except for one time when some people I was with ate chicken strips in breadcrumbs – they are something I love.

I can’t decide whether I want to be a pesco-vegetarian that cheats a little sometimes. I think it’s a lot simpler to stay as I am, and just treat myself to chicken now and again.

I am a conflicted individual! :]

Cake Wrecks is a fantastic blog dedicated to all things cake.

From complete disaster cakes to beautiful masterpiece cakes, this blog covers them all.

Do check it out, you’re guaranteed a giggle!

Day Four

By reading my food diaries, I notice that I don’t really have a healthy diet…but I’m trying to improve on it.

My breakfast today was somewhat odd, as I was supposed to be at someone’s house and had to rush to get ready…so I had breakfast at their house. It consisted of 3 dried apricots, a peach, a cup of tea with one sugar, and about five biscuits.

Lunch was two Weetabix briquettes with milk and Lecithin Granules.

Dinner was Birdseye fish fingers, white boiled long-grain rice, and peas.

Snacks, apart from the snacky-breakfast, included a banana and orange juice not from concentrate.

Today’s food diary interests me because it does not contain bread. I would love to cut out bread for one or two days in every week, as I know it causes bloating, and some people have reported losing weight by cutting it out completely.

I don’t think I could live without bread. I adore it. I love the smell and the feel of it, and the softness of bread rolls, and the seeds and such in granary bread, and sesame-seed-bagels and…. I could go on forever.

This will probably not help you revise for a Chemistry exam, but it’s great all the same.

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