Today I began my test. My test is to see if I can survive a week as a Pesco-Vegetarian.

A pesco-vegetarian is a person who eats no meat, only fish. A pesco-vegetarian still eats animal-related foods such as dairy, eggs, honey and so on.

I think if I cut out fish, I would get absolutely no nutrients. Well, not enough anyway.

My First Day

I ate breakfast as normal – cereal with milk.

Lunch was just as easy – a cheese sandwich on brown bread, and a glass of orange juice not from concentrate.

Dinner was a little more challenging. I went to the nearest student bar to my house with a friend. The only two vegetarian options on the menu were a salad, or nachos with cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. I chose the nachos, which was a bad idea, as I got bored of the ‘meal’ after about 20 nachos and had to stop eating. Also, I feel very under-nourished and fat.

Does anyone have any tasty vegetarian or pesco-vegetarian recipes to share with me? I would appreciate any help!