Day Three

Day Three was perhaps more interesting for me, taste-wise. I have a tendency to eat the same thing day in day out because I don’t get bored of it, but I switched things around today.

Another thing you may have noticed, is that my meals are very simple and taste very bland. This is partly because I have no idea how to flavour food, but mostly because I have very sensitive taste buds, which means that even bland food is very tasty for me.

Today I ate:

Cornflakes and Lecithin Granules with milk, for breakfast.

Scrambled eggs (with butter and milk) on buttered toast for lunch.

An interesting dinner of white boiled rice, peas, and Linda McCartney’s veggie sausages. The sausages were rather odd, and I couldn’t quite get my head around what they’re made of. They did, however, taste mostly like sausages, but were perhaps slightly more chewy on the outside, with a different texture to real pork sausages.

Snacks included 3 dried apricots, orange juice not from concentrate, and a banana.

In conclusion of my third day, I am quite enjoying the whole vegetarian ordeal so far. I’m not missing meat so far, and could easily go on like this for a while – perhaps I’ll extend the week to a fortnight. Of course, to save you all from boredom, I shall only document my first week day-by-day, and perhaps give the occasional update as to my eating habits in future from time to time.

Are you a vegetarian or pesco-vegetarian? I’d like to hear from you, if you are!