Day Four

By reading my food diaries, I notice that I don’t really have a healthy diet…but I’m trying to improve on it.

My breakfast today was somewhat odd, as I was supposed to be at someone’s house and had to rush to get ready…so I had breakfast at their house. It consisted of 3 dried apricots, a peach, a cup of tea with one sugar, and about five biscuits.

Lunch was two Weetabix briquettes with milk and Lecithin Granules.

Dinner was Birdseye fish fingers, white boiled long-grain rice, and peas.

Snacks, apart from the snacky-breakfast, included a banana and orange juice not from concentrate.

Today’s food diary interests me because it does not contain bread. I would love to cut out bread for one or two days in every week, as I know it causes bloating, and some people have reported losing weight by cutting it out completely.

I don’t think I could live without bread. I adore it. I love the smell and the feel of it, and the softness of bread rolls, and the seeds and such in granary bread, and sesame-seed-bagels and…. I could go on forever.