July 2009

In New Scientist magazine, I read this cute mini-article:

Penguins are not visible from space, but their faeces are. British Antarctic Survey scientists have used satellite images to locate the reddish-brown guano stains of emperor penguin colonies. The work will allow the team to monitor the penguins’ response to climate change”

Good old scientists! 🙂

(New Scientist, 6 June 2009, p7)


ulorinvex is Christiane from the UK, so I sort of favour her over the American models…only slightly though ;P

I love love LOVE ulorinvex, so you get lots of pictures of this beautiful Brit.

I recently discovered US-based online store, GirlProps. Apparently, you can also visit the real-life store in the USA.

Unfortunately, they only accept Visa and Mastercard in payment, and I don’t have either of those cards…

If anyone would like to buy me something, I’d be ever so pleased.

Lucite Flower Ring, $1.99

Filigree Heart Locket, $19.99

Set of 24 Pearl Studs (12 pairs), $1.99

Treble Clef Necklace, $4.99

Leaf Bracelet, $9.99

0.5″ Red Heart Studs with Rhinestones, $6.99/pair

Lamb Ring, $6.99

Watermelon Necklace, $9.99

This animation shows the science behind a curveball in baseball, and why we have trouble perceiving its direction.

I’m not too familiar with baseball, but it makes a lot of sense. It’s basically an optical illusion – check it out for yourself:

The Break of the Curveball.

(New Scientist, 6 June 2009, p7)

tjasa is from Slovenia, and her gallery can be viewed here.

I know everyone’s seen it before, but here’s the Film Cow HQ version of Charlie the Unicorn.

I am considering getting a t-shirt.

NaBHaN is Nabhan Abdullatif, a 26 year old illustrator from Oman.

I have fallen in love with his vectors, they warm me somewhat. They have such a cute, dreamlike quality to them…

View Nabhan’s gallery here. Enjoy.

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