Yes you, person who browses my blog in San Antonio, Texas, running their computer on Linux.

Who might you be?

As far as I can tell, you are the only person that regularly checks out my blog…

It’d be nice if you left me a comment to say hi 🙂


A blog I look at nearly every day is Awkward Family Photos. It really does make me laugh.

It’s updated very regularly and there are links to follow the blog on Twitter and become a fan of it on Facebook.

I really have never seen anything like this blog before – it’s such a wonderful collection of cringe-worthy, embarrassing and downright awkward family photos.

Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Cake Wrecks is a fantastic blog dedicated to all things cake.

From complete disaster cakes to beautiful masterpiece cakes, this blog covers them all.

Do check it out, you’re guaranteed a giggle!

A blog I regularly browse is Photoshop Disasters. It is hilarious.

Please view this fantastic blog if you like the idea of mocking designers and idiotic Photoshop users.

How do these get into the media?

One of the blogs I regularly browse is Post Secret.

Post Secret is dedicated to postcards sent in by readers of the blog. The idea is that readers send in a secret, anonymously, that they’ve never told anyone before.

It’s really very interesting, I love reading the secrets, and admire people for having the courage to share something so personal with the world.

If you like Post Secret, and you are a member of the Twitter community, you may like to follow Secret Tweet, which has a similar agenda.

You can also visit their website, to submit a secret of your own, or to view the secrets without being a Twitter member.

A friend showed me this blog yesterday. It’s called My First Dictionary, and is by the humorous Ross Horsley.

It has some funny pictures, some disturbing, morbid, topical, and thought-provoking. I believe the images are even drawn by Mr Horsley.

Check it out, well worth your attention.