Digital Art

iMais is May, 22 from Qatar. May is a ‘digital painter’.

Her colours make me happy 🙂

Visit her gallery here.


NaBHaN is Nabhan Abdullatif, a 26 year old illustrator from Oman.

I have fallen in love with his vectors, they warm me somewhat. They have such a cute, dreamlike quality to them…

View Nabhan’s gallery here. Enjoy.

ilona is Ilona Rankovic Maras from Serbia.

Ilona’s work is described as ‘vector’ work, a form of digital art.

Her pictures are beautiful and seem to tell a little story in each. Children’s pictures are for adults too :3

See her gallery to full-view her pieces.

jinju is Jennifer Mundy, 21 from New York City, USA.

I am in absolute awe of her work. Need I say more?

View her gallery for the full-size images.

Kaze-Hime is Holly, from Canada, who specialises in Digital Art.

Her gallery can be viewed here.

Hello readers.

Today’s (or tonight’s, as it’s 00:11 here) featured deviantARTist is Jennifer Duong, a Canadian.

She does digital art, including commissions, promo work and so on. I think her work is different to most Digital Artists – it has a sense of glamour, of finesse… she works on the whole piece, not just the character, and has a wide variation of themes.

Her gallery can be found here.

The man behind the alias, pesare is Pete Revonkorpi, a 28 year old Finlander. Gallery is here.

Each piece in his gallery makes me smile! His art is beautiful, and very unique.

I’m also in love with his delicate conceptualism and the way his art hints of storytelling.

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