jevigar is Ömer Volkan from Turkey. Ömer specialises in animal photography, particularly the stray cats of Turkey.

His gallery can be viewed here.


ulorinvex is Christiane from the UK, so I sort of favour her over the American models…only slightly though ;P

I love love LOVE ulorinvex, so you get lots of pictures of this beautiful Brit.

tjasa is from Slovenia, and her gallery can be viewed here.

vampireleniore goes by the alias, Bad Charlotte. She’s currently 20 and living in California.

Her modelling portfolio on deviantART is somewhat smaller than some models’, as I believe she has just had a clearout, leaving the photos she wants to be represented by. See her gallery here.

Similar to the model, miss-mosh, who I featured a little while back, Bad Charlotte’s modelling is perhaps that bit more sophisticated, more gothic.

Enjoy 🙂

roseonthegrey is Jean Fan, a 17-year-old girl from the United States. Her gallery can be seen here.

Her photo concepts are interesting, and I feel as though she sees the world through an artistic lens.


Wow, I’ve got 85 blog views today. How is that possible? Usually I get 10 at the most! It says most of my traffic is from…

Anyway, on with the post. AstridT is Astrid Termaat, a female from the Netherlands.

She does some very clever, beautiful photography. See for yourself at her gallery by clicking here.

My lecture finished an hour early this morning 🙂 I’m so happy.

Anyway on with the blog post!

Today’s featured deviantARTIST is auriethepixie, who is Elizabeth May, 21 from the United States. Her art is focussed on photography with female models, as well as the occasional self-portrait. She likes to shoot outside, which I think adds a really interesting, earthy feel to her work.

Click here for her gallery.

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