I am attending this fantastic event, Progressive Nation 2009, on Saturday 10th October at Wembley Stadium.

It’s only 27 days away…I’m rather excited.

I mainly bought tickets because Dream Theater are playing, and Opeth was just a great bonus!

There will be…

Bigelf; a psychedelic/progressive rock quartet from Los Angeles, CA (30 mins)

Unexpect; a 7-piece “avant-garde” metal band from Quebec, Canada (30 mins)

Opeth; a 5-piece progressive rock band from Sodermanland, Sweden. (60 mins)

And lastly, Dream Theater; again a 5-piece progressive rock band from Long Island, NY. (90 mins)

Readers: Anyone else going to Progressive Nation? How about at Wembley?


After seeing montygotarawdeal’s blog post on Vampire Weekend’s video for Oxford Comma, it reminded me of their music video I’d seen before – the one for A-Punk.

I love its originality and creativity. I just like it really.