I finally have some patent shoes! Here they are in their gorgeousness:

I also bought some other shoes yesterday but they’re not on the website of where I bought them… Anyway, they’re flat, quilted, mary-jane type shoes and REALLY soft and comfortable. I’m very pleased.

My nan gave me some money to get shoes because I had holes in the soles of all my other shoes… Haha 😀

I am now the owner of six pairs of high-heeled shoes…And a pair of small wedges :3

Readers: What sort of shoes do you absolutely covet? Do you have lots of shoes?


Recently, I decided on a path for my future.

Throughout my life, I’ve wanted to be a dancer, a veterinary surgeon, a writer… But now I’ve finally decided what I’d like to do after I finish University (either after my BA or after doing an MA):

I’m going to teach English to people in Japan!

So, in order to get by and survive in Japan, I must learn the language before I get there. I have started teaching myself from a textbook, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Conversational Japanese.

It did come with an audio CD, but I lost it. Anyhow, I know exactly how to pronounce the language, so I don’t mind. I’ve always been very good at pronunciation when I learnt Spanish. French however, evaded me…that’s another story.

Eventually, I’ll start learning how to read and write Kana/Kanji.

So far, I’ve learnt particles and sentence structure; Affirmative Present, Affirmative Past, Negative Present and Negative Past tenses for verbs, adjectives and nouns; and the TE-form (-ing verbs).

I’ve learnt to say: “That’s my book” – Kore-wa watashi-no hoN-desu. “There’s pizza in the freezer” – Piza-wa furiizaa-ni ari-masu.

I haven’t really bothered to learn much else by heart yet. I’m going to go over everything I’ve learnt so far for a brush up and to test myself.

Readers: Are you learning a new language? What do you find easy or difficult about learning the language?

I AM back from my holiday to Florence, and have been since Wednesday 24th… I haven’t written a blog post about it because I can’t find the inspiration as yet.

I’ll write about it soon…bear with me. Also, you’ll be able to see a few photos.

So yeah, I’m alive, and wanting to write, but can’t seem to want to right now.

Hang on!

The title of this blog should probably be “a much-needed adventure”, but never mind.

Tomorrow I leave at 11am to go to Florence, Italy. I’ll be gone for a week, and hopefully I’ll have a fantastic time.

I shall come back with mini-stories and an array of photographs.

Wish me Bon Voyage xx

Sorry to have missed these last two days of my pesco-vegetarian week – I got rather busy this weekend.

Basically, I haven’t eaten any meat, so I’ve stuck to my mission.

Fish has been a helpful substitute, but I wasn’t too sure about the vegetarian sausages. I still have 4 more to eat though, so I guess I shall find out whether I like them any more the next time.

I haven’t actually missed meat, except for one time when some people I was with ate chicken strips in breadcrumbs – they are something I love.

I can’t decide whether I want to be a pesco-vegetarian that cheats a little sometimes. I think it’s a lot simpler to stay as I am, and just treat myself to chicken now and again.

I am a conflicted individual! :]

Day Four

By reading my food diaries, I notice that I don’t really have a healthy diet…but I’m trying to improve on it.

My breakfast today was somewhat odd, as I was supposed to be at someone’s house and had to rush to get ready…so I had breakfast at their house. It consisted of 3 dried apricots, a peach, a cup of tea with one sugar, and about five biscuits.

Lunch was two Weetabix briquettes with milk and Lecithin Granules.

Dinner was Birdseye fish fingers, white boiled long-grain rice, and peas.

Snacks, apart from the snacky-breakfast, included a banana and orange juice not from concentrate.

Today’s food diary interests me because it does not contain bread. I would love to cut out bread for one or two days in every week, as I know it causes bloating, and some people have reported losing weight by cutting it out completely.

I don’t think I could live without bread. I adore it. I love the smell and the feel of it, and the softness of bread rolls, and the seeds and such in granary bread, and sesame-seed-bagels and…. I could go on forever.

Day Four

I’ll keep it quick, because I’m tired.

Breakfast included cornflakes and Lecithin Granules.

Lunch was a tuna and cucumber roll with sesame and poppy seeds on it.

Dinner was pizza because I got tempted by housemates to be lazy.

Snacks were three dried apricots, orange juice not from concentrate, apple juice from concentrate, garlic bread with cheese, potato wedges.

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