I’ve not been in a position to blog recently. I have a lot of work on my hands, including a 4000-word essay which is due next Friday, research for said essay, writing of said essay. That’s not mentioning my three exams on 28th May, 4th June and 9th June, and revision for those exams.

I’ve been very busy procrastinating, making extremely slow progress on the above tasks. I don’t feel like I can let my mind run free enough to blog again until my exams are finished.

To be honest, I’m very much looking forward to going home. I’m not enjoying being here. My only pleasure seems to be procrastinating heavily on the internet and by playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion; my only contact with other people I seem to enjoy is my twice-weekly showing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel which I show in my room, and have a few people over. I dread bumping into my housemates in the kitchen, in the corridors, having my door knocked on.

So yesterday, I went to the library, got a load of heavy books which hopefully will aid me in my research for the 4000-word essay, so today my task is to read as much as possible and make as many useful notes/quotes as possible.

I can’t wait until it’s the 13th June, and I’m in the car travelling home, never to return to this dingy room, looking forward to seeing Dream Theater that evening, wondering what sort of job I’m going to acquire for the summer, and looking forward to my new-ish start in my student house with interesting people in September.

Time, please go faster.


I’m going to make a few changes over this Easter holiday. I don’t have my exams until 4th & 9th June, so I have a little while to set my mind straight on a few things.

Firstly, I’m going to look for some Summer employment. I want a job but I don’t want to work too much…I’d like a bit of money, but don’t want to work more than 3 days a week.

Secondly, I need to sort out whether I’m going to Madeira…I’ve been told that all I would have to pay for is the flights, but for a student with not much money, I’d much rather buy them early early early – then they should be cheap. Also, dates would be useful to tell a prospective employer.

Thirdly, I would like to develop some sort of ambition, and so my goal is to find some work experience to do in the summer, or the Christmas holiday. I want to get experience in areas I might be able to work in after university – newspapers, editing offices, publishing houses and so on. Then I might be able to decide what sort of job I’m looking for after these three years of expanding my mind.

Fourthly, I am going to get some help with coping with the trials and tribulations of life.

Fifthly, I am going to learn to manage my time more efficiently. Procrastinating is not making me happy or useful. Work is sub-standard, and effort is minimal. I want to fix this as soon as possible, so that my grades are better, etc.

Sixthly, and lastly, I am going to keep a diary of all my expenditure to see how much I spend, on what, and how I can spend less.

What are your goals? Could you help me achieve any of these?

Just a short update for you:

I’ve not been able to write on my wondrous (yeah right) blog recently because I’ve been terribly busy doing an essay, and looking for a house for next year as my housing plans have fallen through this week.

Hopefully I’ll be feeling more chatty with you guys when I’m less busy…less hectic things going on.

I’m really excited and hoping to find a nice place to live, even though I am scared about moving in with strangers. I never thought it would be me who couldn’t live with their friends… What a loser I’m going to be next year.

Ah well, I’m trying to be optimistic.

Send me a lovely comment or something, make my day.


I’d be very interested to know who reads my blog on a regular basis. Every day or two, my blog stats say that someone is clicking on a link in their Hotmail Inbox to get to my blog…how interesting. Are you that person?

I’ve been spending far too much time indoors recently. I’m all bored and lonely, so I want to get out tonight. Although I have had a lot of fun watching the bunnies outside my window chasing each other and eating flower buds! How many people can say they have the ability to watch bunnies run around and munch grass outside their window?

Also, I went to the library to get some books for my essay I’m going to be working on until next Friday. I always enjoy the library, it smells really nice, and I like the challenge of finding the books by working out their codes and locations and things! That’s just me being a geek.

Tonight is election results night at The Venue…so I’ll probably go because I can get free entry and stuff. I don’t really want to spend money, but I do have a fiver, and I haven’t had money for weeks. I’ll treat myself.

This post today hasn’t had any particular point. Thanks for reading anyway. It’s nice to know I’m reaching people I don’t know exist. Are you that person?

My Chinese housemate, whom I share a very thin wall with, is so loud!

She is on the phone (on Skype) all day, I swear to you.

At the moment, she sounds like she’s having an argument, but it’s not much louder than she usually is. Just whinier.

Are Chinese people generally loud on the phone? I’d like to know.

When she talks in English, she’s hardly audible.

I think it’s a bit inconsiderate to be shouting at all hours of the day and night. I need to do work and sleep!

*Sigh* only a few more months….

Things are looking up. I feel a bit happier.

Also, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day, and that’s supposed to be soppy and lovely, so should be nice. Also I get to go for Wagamama, and an Italian, all in the same weekend 🙂

My love is coming to stay this weekend…well Friday-Wednesday, so more than a weekend!

Although things might start looking down very soon, as I have an essay due in on the 27th February. The bad news is, before the deadline, I have to have a busy weekend, go to Amsterdam, go home and have a hospital appointment, and then actually write the essay 😦


Okay so today was fine…slept through a lecture because I could not physically get out of bed; went to a seminar in the afternoon after having completely finished the text we’d be talking about (yay me); had the twice-weekly Buffy showing in my room with some new people this week; did a small bit of Salsa practise; and then turned up at the closest bar to me on campus, Origins, for their ‘highlight’ night, Ruby Tuesdays.

So I’ve decided that, after feeling entirely miserable at Origins, I would have a lovely rant before retiring to bed to read.

Ruby Tuesday is basically an ‘Indie’ night and there’s a dancefloor, but it’s not the type of music you can have a nice dance to…it’s more of a ‘nod your head and tap your foot’ sort of music. So anyway, a fair number of people I know were there, hanging around the pool tables with drink in hand. After two drinks and no-one really talking to me, I decided that I felt sick (because I hadn’t eaten) and bored, and proceeded to look probably really sour for the rest of the two hours I stayed. People kept telling me to drink more and cheer up and smile, and it just made me more annoyed. I just couldn’t understand what there was to do, as I don’t like shouting at people over loud music in an attempt to make conversation. So yeah, I just left.

I don’t think I feel any better after writing that, but it just left me feeling really annoyed that I’d stood around for two hours and wasted a fiver.

Uni, eh? Or maybe that’s just life.

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